Payment options
Purchasing an AirVisual Node/Pro air quality monitor from our website via Paypal is available for all locations around the world. Paying through Paypal is safe and secure. However, if you have problems using Paypal, there are other payment methods available.
The Node/Pro is available through Amazon, both Amazon US and Amazon India. You can buy a Node/Pro here, although it may incur extra shipping costs depending where you are in the world.
For China orders, payment through Tmall ( is also available.
We only accept bank transfers for orders of 5 Node/Pros or above. Contact AirVisual to request a bank transfer.

Deliveries within Europe are shipped from Germany. Deliveries within North America and Canada are shipped from California. Our products ship to the rest of the world from Hong Kong.
Delivery can take between 5 days to several weeks, depending on the country. Please note that our online price includes shipping costs, but not VAT or any applicable customs duties.
If you have any special delivery requirements, contact AirVisual.

The AirVisual Node/Pro comes with a limited warranty. This is offered for a duration of 1 year from date of purchase in the following countries: China, India, the United States, the EU, Switzerland.
If you are based in a different country and have an issue with your Node/Pro, please contact AirVisual and we will offer the best help we can to resolve any product-related issues.
Please note that the devices limited warranty does not include recalibration of the PM2.5 sensor. Recalibration is offered as a separate service: See Node maintenance and recalibration.