IQAir values every contributor and aims to provide our users with the most comprehensive platform to present themselves. The photo gallery allows our users to increase the visibility about their project and the credibility of stations on AirVisual app.


1. How does photo gallery work?


When publishing a station, you would be asked to provide pictures to show the details of your installation. Alongside the usual installation pictures for us to review, you can choose to upload more pictures of installation to show credibility and your passion with this station.


While it would help boost your visibility, we keep this function optional. If you toggle on the visible pictures, all three pictures uploaded will be visible to the app users, and vice versa.


After submitting your publication, our staff would review the pictures along with your publication information.



2. How to manage or change your pictures?


A quick path is to go to your stations section on your public profile page. Click on the dots button on the top-right of your photo and proceed to manage your publications or pictures. Please note that the Manage pictures button will only be available after the monitor gets published. Before that, you can edit them in the publication process.



3. Where are your photos displayed?


When entering the station screen, photos uploaded by data contributors would display below the contributors’ sector. Users can click the photo gallery panel and view the pictures in free screen.



If you do not own a monitor yet but would like to share pictures or you are using other type of monitors, welcome to contact us at